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Will I experience any discomfort?

Any discomfort is brief, and totally worth the end result. Remember too, if you wax consistently (every 4-6 weeks) the hair growth is reduced, the hair texture becomes finer and softer with each waxing session, making the next appointment easier than the last.


How long should I grow my hair before waxing?

Please allow a minimum of 10-14 days of hair growth. We want to give you the best wax possible and if the hair is too short, we might have to ask you to reschedule.


What's the minimum age for scheduling appointments?

You MUST be 18 years old or have a parent guardian present at appointment.


I'm a bit nervous about waxing. Can I bring someone with me?

We can appreciate that the first time waxer might be nervous and would like a friend in the room for support or encouragement, but it is our policy that only the person receiving the service can be in the room. Our rooms are small and having a third person in the room interferes with efficiency and quality of the service. The ONLY exception is the parent / guardian of a minor being waxed.


Some facts about waxing at TIWS

  • Our process for the best wax experience: Cleanse the area, protect the skin from the wax, wax unwanted hairs, replenish the skin

  • We do not double dip

  • We use a strip free wax which is virtually painless than strip wax. Hard wax adheres to the hair only while others adhere to the hair and skin which cause it to be more painful.

  • Wax contains soothing jojoba oil and is a no-strip disposable wax. This wax attaches itself to the hair and not the skin, giving it a reputation as the original "shrink-wrap" wax. It may be used over the whole body, but is more economical to use on eyebrows, lips, necklines, bikini, and underarms areas. It is the perfect choice for sensitive skins with resistant hair.


What should I avoid before waxing?

- Avoid physically or chemically exfoliating at least 48 hours prior to the waxing service to avoid skin sensitivity.You should also avoid excessive sun exposure at least 48 hours prior to the waxing service and tanning.

Although waxing has many contraindications that are suggested to be avoided when getting this service. This is for your own health and safety, when filling out a waxing consultation form please let your esthetician know what medications you are taking for achieving a better waxing experience.


Many of the following medication cause the skin to become thin, fragile and dehydrated. Waxing services are not recommended when you are currently using these medications such as:




Retin A







These topical medications are used for aging and acenic Skin, therefore, facial waxing should be omitted. Additionally, any medications that list "sun sensitivity" on the list of symptoms will preclude you from being waxed. You should also avoid waxing while using glycolic acid, harsh exfoliants or any facial peels.

All these products thin out and weaken your skin making you more sensitive and likely to burn or peel. You should wait 2-6 weeks depending on how long you have been on the medication before you wax, as we want to make sure the medication is out of your system so you have a pleasant waxing experience. If you are not sure of how you may react from any other prescriptions you are taking, please give us a call beforehand so we can help you determine if you are able to get waxed.


Why not shave?

Shaving stimulates potential hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicle. Shaving also cuts the hair at the hair shaft, which not only regrows with a stubbly feel, but it allows the hair to regrow the next day or in some cases the same day.


Does waxing hurt?

There is minimal pain, but if done properly the pain fades quickly...within seconds. The benefits of waxing are very much worth the few seconds of stinginess.


Will I have to get on all fours to have a Brazilian?

Not always. We’ll do our best to preserve your modesty at all times.




What if I am sunburned?

It is not a good idea to get a wax for a week after sunburn. Your top layer of skin may come off.


I get ingrown hairs when I shave, will waxing eliminate them?

For the majority of people, yes. However if you still have a problem with ingrown hairs we have ways of treating them.


If I get ingrown hairs, what should I do?

You should use a product specifically for attacking ingrown hairs on the waxed area three to four times a day for up to three to four days consistently. You can also exfoliate the waxed area after showering.


If I wax my facial hair, will it grow back thicker?

No, that is a myth.


Will waxing make me red, and how long will the redness last?

It depends on the sensitivity of the skin. Redness can last up to an hour or longer.


Why do I break out after I wax?

There are a couple of reasons why you may possibly have a breakout after waxing. After the hair is pulled out, the sebaceous gland (oil gland) becomes over stimulated and causes a pimple like reaction.


Another reason is that if there is already bacteria present in the lower layers of the skin, the trauma to the skin can cause it to surface. Again, use a product for preventing ingrown hairs and breakouts.


Should anything be applied to my skin after a wax?

Yes, sunblock if you are going outside, try not to expose the waxed area to the sun. If you stay indoors use a product for preventing ingrown hairs and breakouts.


Can I get a bikini wax if I’m on my period?

Yes, just wear a tampon.


Can I wax while pregnant?

Yes, but please understand when pregnant your sensitivity becomes heightened.


Do you wax men as well as women?

Yes/No we do not do male Brazilians


Why do guys get waxed?

Guys usually get waxed to satisfy their sense of self-image, or because their partners prefer the smooth look; it can be cultural and also attaching itself to certain professions such as: modeling, bodybuilding, athletes and dancers.


Is waxing a permanent form of hair removal?

No. But you may expect thinning of growth with time.


Can you do a waxing outcall to my home?

Unfortunately no, as it would make the treatment too expensive. Wax pots take some time to heat. We would have to charge for that time. If we pre-heat the pots, we risk spillage during transportation.

- Is there parking available?

Yes, street parking is available.


Can I book a spray tan after my wax treatment?

Unfortunately, no. The after wax lotion will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. You should wait 24 hours.


Can I go to the tanning booth or sunbathe after my wax treatment?

Definitely not! For 24 hours you should avoid heat following a wax treatment it will inflame the skin. This includes hot water try using cool or lukewarm water.


How long should the hair be before I wax?

1/4 of an inch or full growth. Please do not feel the need to trim you may trim the hairs too short.


How long will it last?

Everybody grows hair differently; it will 4-6 weeks. Four weeks is the average time in between waxing.


Is it true that over time I will not have to wax anymore?

No. However, the hair will come in finer and start to thin out over time.

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